Simple Household Remedies for Soothing a Sunburn

Avoid getting sunburn as much as possible but just in case it happens to you

sunburn remedies

It’s officially now, the season when the sun is at it’s strongest. While we know the importance of slathering on the sunscreen on a daily basis, sometimes even the most diligent lotion users can miss a spot or forget to reapply after taking a dip in the ocean. Finding yourself suffering with an unwelcome sunburn this summer? Before you start saying ouch, here are a few simple, household sunburn remedies to help lessen the pain.

sunburn remedies

Aloe. Tried and true, this seems to be the go-to remedy to cool the common sunburn. Packed with water, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that aid in the growth process, Aloe Vera gel and its cooling effect soothes burns, reduces redness, lessens inflammation, promotes healing and eases pain with its analgesic properties. The clear gel, found in the leaf of the aloe plant, has so many uses that 6,000 the Egyptians referred to it as the “plant of immortality.”

Tea. Sure, having a nice cold glass of iced tea may sound refreshing when you have a sunburn, but turns out applying tea bags to a sunburnt area has its own healing powers beyond refreshment. Tea contains something called tannin, a bitter-tasting compound with astringent properties. Steeping the tea bags in warm or cool water for a few minutes and applying directly to the affected skin can for at least ten minutes for relief.

Oatmeal. There are plenty of oatmeal-based lotions, scrubs and body washes out there on the beauty market these days, so there’s no surprise that applying the breakfast staple directly also has its benefits. Packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory goodness, when mixed with milk and honey, the oatmeal forms a paste that soothes the pain and swelling that routinely accompany sunburns.

Apple Cider Vinegar. Household chores and beyond, apple cider vinegar has countless, varied, unconventional uses. Since you’ve probably already got a bottle of the magic stuff already in your pantry, why not try its magic powers on your overly sun-kissed skin? Its astringent properties will ease discomfort and decrease inflammation. You can apply by either soaking a cloth in the vinegar, or pouring the vinegar into a water-filled tub to soak in.

Potatoes. Yes, potatoes. Whether you eat them or cut them up raw and apply them to your skin topically, the starch in a potato can draw out the heat from the burn and prompt the skin to start the healing process. Who needs another excuse to ask for a second helping of potato salad at that weekend picnic? Well, now you have one.


Liz-HazardWritten By:  Liz Hazard