Are you wanting to get fit? Have you started doing the saitama workout routine? Are you seeing the benefits of your new lifestyle? Do you have any pre-workout rituals? When we work out, we want to see quick and fast results. We exercise to feel good on the inside and look good on the out. However, when we take some pre-workout action steps, it actually enhances and allows us to achieve a better outcome. So, before you get to all the sweating, follow these pre-workout rituals to further maximize your fitness results:

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Your sleep is a gateway towards better hormone balance

We tend to work out when we need to release those extra emotions, which helps to balance our hormones. However, if you work out with little to no sleep, your workout results would likely suffer. Good quality sleep will allow your muscles time to rebuild and recover properly. Self states that, The most imperative thing in any fitness program starts the minute you go to sleepthats where all the magic happens. Being well-rested not only energizes you through every burpee or sprint, but it also keeps your hunger hormones in check, so you’re not undoing your efforts in the gym by overeating the rest of the day.

Water is the vessel for carrying out a successful workout

Water is crucial to drink before your workout routines. Of course, water keeps you hydrated while you sweat. It will also help to maintain your energy level so you can work out even harder. Good hydration not only improves your bodys overall function, but it also enhances your work out performance. It is recommended that you drink (on a daily basis) around half of your bodyweight in ounces.

Warm up your body

Warm up that body guys and gals! The purpose of a warm up is to increase your body temperature to prepare yourself for whatever workout you are about to do. Warming up (like stretching) will get your muscles opened up and relaxed so that your workouts will be that much more successful. Your muscles will respond better to a given fitness routine and adapt to your body. Warming up releases tension. When the body is more relaxed, you are at a lesser chance of becoming injured. Also, your range of motion will increase, giving you a deeper and more fulfilling workout experience.

Dont forget to eat!

Working out on an empty stomach might actually slow down your fitness results. Having a low level of energy does not correlate to building more muscle tone. It is important to fuel your body with nutrients prior to your exercise routines so that you will perform with that extra strength and energy. Whether you are an athlete or simply a fitness enthusiast, you can easily improve your performance with good nutrition and even recover faster after each workout.

Pre-workout nutrition

To maximize your fitness performance and recovery, it is imperative to fuel your body with the right nutrients before a given workout. You want to ideally eat a meal around 2-3 hours before your work out, with complete protein, carbs, and some healthy fats (avocado is a great example). Worldofhealthandwellness.com states that, A good rule of thumb is to eat a mixture of carbs and protein prior to exercise. If you eat fat with your pre-workout meal, then it should be consumed at least a few hours before your workout. For instance, have some plain Greek yogurt with fruit on top or eat a piece of fruit like an apple or a banana. Or, try spreading almond butter or sunflower seed butter over whole grain bread and fruit.

The best time (s) of day to work out

Timing is everything right? If we attune ourselves to our internal clock rhythm, we can gain the optimal fitness results. At specific times of the day our mental capacity is stronger and more flexible. This can translate to our physical exertion, so our workouts would prove to gain maximum results. The evening time (around 5pm) is the ultimate sweet spot when it comes to best workout time. This is when the body temperature is at its peak, which is an optimal condition for a fitness performance. So, go ahead and do those high-intensity workouts and/or muscle trainings in the evenings.

There you have it folks, a complete list of simple and effective pre-workout rituals you should follow in order to ensure that you maximize your overall fitness results.