Skin Care Secrets From Around the World

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Little-Known Beauty Secrets from Around the World

Different corners of the world have different concepts of what it means to be beautiful and they nurture various approaches towards self-care. This emerged from countrys specific position, be it cultural, historical, geographical, or socio-economical. Asian women are well known for their flawless complexions and young-looking skin. French women for their laissez-faire beauty, Brazilian women are breathtaking with their big white smiles, nourished skin and curves.

Of course, some things are purely a matter of genetics, but a lot of it comes from the way women take care of themselves. Many women seek advice on procedures, treatments and products from the likes of a skin care denver company, like Broadway Skin Essentials, to keep their skin looking radiant and youthful. Take a trip around the globe with us to find out the little-known beauty secrets you can steal and incorporate in your beauty routine.

France: Home Of the Nonchalant Look

french-girl-minFrench women are true queens of the minimalistic look. The secret to it lies in something that goes beyond the choice of beauty products: their attitude. They do use anti-age products (like those from the VCI shop), but they are not obsessed with lines and wrinkles. They embrace their imperfections, which makes their beauty elusive and breathtaking.

When taking care of their skin, French women tend to focus on how their skin feels and aim for the ultimate softness. They are also careless and lovers of fine wines: sipping it has its part in the beauty routine. Red wine is full of antioxidants (e.g. resveratrol) that protect your skin from free radicals and provide it with a dewy look.

California (U.S): Natural Products and Lots of SPF

cali-girl-minWomen from the California take particular care of face skin because they are exposed to sun rays all year round. There is an increasing awareness of the importance of using sunscreen among women from the west coast. They nurture a holistic approach towards beauty and enjoy using natural formulas that have proven to help with different types of skin problems.

California girls know how to use organic skin care. This is so their skin is provided with the optimal ingredients such as the vitamin C, rosemary and lavender oil, avocado, shea butter, etc. This is why they choose to invest in trustworthy brands and are ethically conscious so they opt for cruelty-free or fair-trade ones.

As for their wonderful beach-wavy hair, women tend to literally use the seawater to enhance their curls.

    Similarly in Australia, people are always looking for natural skincare products. Places like California and Australia are always under a hotter climate and therefore, proper skincare is important to ensure skin safety and to keep that glowing sun-glossed look. Another thing to be careful of is irregularities of the skin, in hotter climates, because the sun can be damaging no matter how careful you are, especially if you stay out in it all day. It is very common for skin cancers to occur as a result of this and therefore, many people from these countries make sure they are going to a dermatologist or doctor to ensure the healthiness of their skin. In Australia, they could contact places like Annandale General practice for a doctor leichardt, Glebe, Camperdown, Ultimo, and Petersham areas. It is important to look after skin because it is the covering that protects all the vital processes within the human body. Even if it is just a particularly hot summer in a certain country, it is always a good idea to get your skin looked after, for proper health and vitality.

      Brazil: Beautiful Tan and Curves


      Given the fact, its always sunny in Brazil, women from Brazil take special care of their exposed skin and physique. This is why there is a high level of consciousness about the importance of physical activity. It’s not just about the looks, but health too.

      The holy trinity of ones beauty routine includes a healthy diet, committing to a workout regime. Also, regular visits to dermatologists for common procedures (e.g. hyaluronic acid injections that help with blemishes and discolorations). According to Brazilian models such as Adriana Lima and Emanuela de Paula, the key to beauty lies in embracing the benefits of natural ingredients. Being aware of the importance of self-care, but also not being too fussy about it.

      China: Commitment and Discipline Are Everything

      chinese-skin-secrets-minWhile the Western civilization puts focus on the tanned skin, Chinese women strive towards preserving a flawless, white complexion. This even lead to peculiar fashion trends such as the face-kinies: specially designed swimsuits that cover every single part of the skin, in order to keep it safe from sun rays.

      They typically dont worry about aging until they are 40. They focus on using skin-whitening products such as the hydroquinone cream, vitamin C serums, or they undergo cosmetic treatments such as the chemical peels or lasers in order to boost the production of collagen. Chinese women dont see taking care of their skin as a matter of pampering. It’s a mandatory step towards a beautiful and youthful look. This is why they invest time in multistep routines and they opt for different products in order to target various skin needs and keep it safe from environmental factors.

      Refresh your beauty routine by celebrating differences: feel free to steal from different continents and learn from the masters.

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