Written By: Levita Galinsky

When it comes to working out and staying fit, there are always unique and practical workout devices you can easily buy in order to incorporate them into your daily or weekly workout regimens. Follow on below to see which workout devices maximize your fitness goals without burning a hole in your credit card:

Dumbbells for your daily dose of sustainability


Get yourself a set of Dumbbells. They are very easy to store and are generally the most preferred device to utilize at the gym. Why? Probably because anyone can use them whether you’re a beginner or an advanced workout enthusiast. In addition, you can create many combinations or workout movements with just yourself and the Dumbbells so it’s a win-win. Using Dumbbells will help you burn fat, increase endurance and strength, and develop a strong core.

Don’t resist the resistance bands

resistance bands

Resistance bands are a versatile device which is utilized to sculpt your upper and lower body. When you are using resistance bands you are essentially using your own weight against itself so you are maximizing your fitness level; using resistance bands additionally enhances your muscle tone and leaves out the bulk while still creating and increasing strength and flexibility. So you would look leaner and feel more stretched out.

Balance on balance ball

bouncy ball glossycover

Perhaps you’ve seen those big round balls at the gym but didn’t know how to maneuver around it. Well now you can buy yourself a handy dandy balance gym ball which has many features to accommodate your fitness needs. Use it to stretch before or after your workouts, or create workout sets with your ball during your workout. The balance ball works on strengthening your core and stability while also developing muscle tone, flexibility, and balance by targeting small muscle groups. You can even use your ball instead of a chair at work or while you’re working on an assignment for school.

Get yourself a trampoline


Trampolines are fun, great for the overall lymphatic system, and are an effective stress reliever. Independent.co.uk adds that, “Fitness trampolines can improve heart rate and circulation, as well as lower blood pressure”. Also, they will not strain your joints or aggravate sore muscles. This is a sensible investment to make and depending on the size you buy, they can even be portable. Take it outdoors or anywhere with you. Therefore, consider trying this relaxing aerobic technique to maximize your fitness goals.

Aero Pilates arc

Aeropilates photo

For all you more advanced fitness enthusiasts, let me introduce you to the Aero Pilates arc. It is a compact workout device that is perfect for all your Pilates needs. It is a curved, hard, seat-like device which offers support for your back while doing Pilates poses. You can choose to increase or decrease resistance according to your skill level in the art of Pilates. Pilates helps sculpt the entire body through specific movements that target those hard to reach areas.

At the end of the day whether you want to lose weight, increase flexibility, gain muscle tone, or just improve your overall circulation, consider the aforementioned workout devices you can easily incorporate into your fitness lifestyle at your own beautiful pace. Happy workout!

Lavita By: Levita Galinsky