Social Media Etiquettes Everyone Should Follow

What to share and what not to share

Social media etiquettes
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In this day and age, digital media is the source for a vast majority of the information we receive on a daily basis. We use it to interact with like minded individuals and when utilized correctly, it is a great platform to build a community on, to create friendships, and to venture out into new territories that spark your areas of interest. That being said, there is more to connecting with others on social media than just reading each other’s articles. This is where social media etiquette takes place. Simple and effective strategies that greatly enhance that virtual bond are all written below:

Your online presence is your first impression

Determine how you desire to be perceived via the Internet. Acknowledge the fact that how you communicate can greatly affect how others see you and reply back (or lack thereof). Think of a job interview when you post something on your site or make a comment on another’s site. Take into consideration respect, kindness, and honesty. Basically you want to create positive posts that dedicate something productive to its influencers. Advice is great if it is both constructive and asked for.

Follow a conclusive checklist for your convenience

Before making your daily/weekly/monthly posts, consider these simple guidelines in order to maximize your information in the best possible light:

  • Spell check
  • Do not repeat posts more than once
  • Create unique posts special to you (dont plagiarize)
  • Target a specific message to a given audience
  • Make sure your comments do not offend any groups of people
  • Is your post easily understandable?
  • Don’t overuse abbreviations that can confuse your overall message
  • Are you speaking in a mature tone that other professionals can relate to?
  • Be neat when you tweet-get to the point and add relevant tags

Create connections by thoughtfully commenting on others posts

Act the way you would like to be treated in return. Don’t over share or over push. Don’t demand others to reciprocate back to you. Just create real posts that matter to you and if you are genuine you will get a follow back or comment on your own account. You could also look at using something like an Instagram growth service if you’re looking for an additional way to grow your follower base organically that is easy to set up and also acts as a management service for your Instagram profile.

Prioritize what you enjoy most

Express what you want with all the unique social media outlets. If you love seeing quick updates of weather reports of your favorite radio station updates, go to Twitter. If you enjoy making statuses fairly often and love viewing updates on all your friends lives, Facebook would be your best bet. Perhaps you are photo obsessed and desire to upload/see different treats or cars displayed on your screen; in that case, go to Instagram. Last but not least there is Pinterest, a unique outlet for various recipes, arts and crafts, or anything party related. If you are looking for something specific like how to create a fancy meal or organize a fend shui room, Pinterest is there waiting for you!

At the end of the day, the point of social media etiquette is to be consistent, genuine, polite, excited, and honest. The rest will take care of itself. So have fun with it and use it to your ability because it matters to you.


LavitaWritten by: Levita Galinsky