Every time you scroll through your social media feed, do you feel like you don’t measure up? Is Instagram giving you low self-esteem? Nowadays, with the bombardment of perfect images on Instagram and other social media outlets, it can be difficult to maintain an ounce of self-confidence. Perfect Amaro filtered selfies, stunning beach vistas and gorgeous gourmet cuisine on our feeds can make us feel inadequate. One of the main ways that we can lower our self-esteem on social media is by worrying about not having enough likes on our pictures or followers on our accounts. This can decrease confidence, making us all a lot more insecure. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. If any Instagram users are stressing themselves out over their social media following, they could always consider getting some help from companies like Nitreo, for example. That should help more users to get an increased audience on social media, ensuring that they receive more likes on their pictures. Before investing in Nitreo’s services, users may want to read Nitreo reviewed by Socialfollow to make sure they’re a reliable company that can help Instagram users to increase their online audience. Hopefully, that should increase self-esteem knowing that your audience will engage with your photos.

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For some people, it’s not about the likes and the following. Other people feel as though they can’t take a break from social media. We are subject to the FOMO (fear of missing out) syndrome. Not to mention our self-esteem takes a hit. We want to keep up, and we cant help but measure our own self-worth against others.

Its time to fight back and raise up your low self-esteem. But, how do you ignore the perfectly composed and scripted shots online? Let’s explore ways to take a social media break and concentrate on your own well-being.

Social Media Break and Detox

Yes, its drastic. You will struggle. And, of course, going cold turkey can be painful. But, if you are to really enhance your self-confidence and raise your low self esteem, you will need to take a social media break. This can be difficult, but you can do it, if you fill your usual social media time with other activities. Get active and outside instead of mindlessly spending three hours in the evening scrolling through Instagram and Facebook. Go for a walk, take up jogging again or go to the gym. Spend time with pals, go out and actually socialize in person. A trip the cinema and a meal can do wonders for your mood. It wont be long before you relish your newfound freedom. The shackles of Twitter will be broken, and you will be more empowered to take control of your time.

Without the incessant notifications from Facebook, you will have to actually see your friends rather than converse with them online. This can lead to more meaningful friendships and help you fill your time with more self-confidence boosting activities.

Work On Yourself

Your feeling of low self-esteem is usually accompanied by a lack of self-confidence and self-worth. This may mean that you let your appearance slip. So, you might miss a shower every other day, and you might stay in bed for longer. If you can feel the symptoms of depression kicking in, its time to get some help. Phone a pal, talk and share your problems. A problem shared really is a problem halved.

It can take a lot of effort to force yourself to get up in the morning, take a shower and get dressed, but it can be worth it. Feeling refreshed, you will be more motivated to continue with your day. If you are feeling a little below par health-wise, get yourself an all-over check up. Have a chat with your doctor. Book an appointment with your dentist for a cleaning. If youre nervous, you can locate a dental practice that specialises in helping nervous patients. You can read all about that here, including the nifty use of relaxation dogs to help calm patients anxiety. Dont forget the optician to check your eye prescription. Once you have had a full health check up, you can feel more confident and ready to tackle daily challenges.

Do Something New

Social media gives us a glimpse of a world that is well-crafted and groomed. Instead of dreaming of that vacation in Paris, set goals for yourself to get there. Sure, we all have dreams of trying something new or aiming for new goals. It doesnt matter how big or how small. Whatever you want to achieve, then theres no better time than now to strive for it. Go ahead and learn a new musical instrument. All you have to do is book that piano or guitar lesson. If you want to try ballroom dancing, grab a pal and head down to a training session. If you want to skydive and experience your first parachute jump, what’s holding you back?

low self-esteem social media break woman guitarExperiencing something new can give you that extra motivation to get up in the morning. It will give you something positive to work towards. Instead of living vicariously through your social media feed, you will actually doing it! Your confidence and self-esteem will be boosted as you broaden your life experiences.


The concept of mindfulness has become very en vogue in the past five years. Being mindful of how social media is affecting your low self-esteem will help you to make a conscious effort to take that social media break. You will be able to maintain moment-by-moment awareness of how you are feeling. So, with the help of mindfulness, you will learn acceptance of your thoughts and pay attention to them without judgment.

Coupled with mindfulness is the exercise of yoga. Yoga teaches relaxation and breathing exercises that can aid in the reduction of anxiety and stress. As you become more adept at controlling your breathing and having more control over your thought patterns, you will grow in confidence. This confidence will transform your frame of mind and your entire outlook on life.

Giving yourself a social media detox may not immediately raise your low self-esteem. After all, developing self confidence isnt as easy as flicking a switch and turning it on. So sure, reading this article may inspire you to carry out that social media break. However, putting these plans into action can be trickier than reading the words in an article. Try to ignite the spark within yourself to begin the process of improving your confidence. Take the plunge and get working on your health, well-being and self-esteem today.

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  1. Great Article. Thank you! I swear that social media is going to be the death of our individualism! Great article can’t wait for more.

  2. Hi Jennifer! Agreed–everyone wants to be like everyone else. It’s time take a break from the madness and try social media detox!


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