10 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Tart Cherry Juice

This superfood is good for your body and mind.

Tart Cherry Juice
Cherry juice

Summer is almost here and you’re probably eager to trade your afternoon hot cup of coffee with something more cool and refreshing. The hot sun is making that ice cream stand look pretty tempting. But, wait! Before reaching for that ice cold cone or slurpee, try a tall, cold glass of sweet tart cherry juice instead. You won’t believe how healthy these delicious dessert fruits are for you.

Tart Cherry Juice Will Boost Your Workout and Physical Training

The time of miniskirts, tank tops, and bikinis is only a month away. If you’ve still got an extra inch or two around your waist from winter you’re probably starting a fat-burning crash course with diet and lots of exercise. Or maybe you’re a competitive athlete and do hard workouts everyday? Either way, tart cherries are a must.

Michigan State University found that tart cherries support muscle recovery.  How? Drinking tart cherry juice before a workout lessens soreness and speeds up strength recovery afterward by preventing inflammation and protecting your muscles from breaking down. In one study, the group given tart cherry juice before intense workouts experienced 28 percent less strength loss than the control group!

If you do regular high-intensity training with short breaks, it could stress your nervous system, cause swelling, harm your muscles, and weaken your immunity. This is why rest periods between these intense workouts are necessary, but sometimes aren’t feasible if you’re on a time crunch for a competition. The good news is tart cherries lessens muscle weakness after repeated and prolonged bouts of high-intensity workouts, according to the American Chemical Society.

Tart cherries let you cheat the famous saying, “No pain, no gain.” They’re such powerful pain relievers that experts found they’re as effective as 600 to 800 milligrams of ibuprofen for pain relief. Including them in your workout regimen means you won’t “feel the burn” as much while still seeing great results from your intense training.

Enjoy a glass of cool, refreshing, sweet tart cherry juice before you hit the weights and treadmill. You’ll be able to work out for longer (which means you’ll burn more fat!) and won’t be as sore or weak afterward. These healing properties are why they’re an official part of almost 100 U.S. collegiate and professional sports teams’ workout regimen.

Tart Cherry Juice Will Protect and Heal Your Joints and Heart

Tart cherries are loaded with good compounds that soothe inflammation and protect your cells, blood vessels, and organs from damage. Why are tart cherries so powerful? Although berries and cherries have the same beneficial compounds, tart cherries have higher levels of these. Research also shows that these chemicals actually turn off genes that cause swelling.

Tart Cherry Juice For Arthritis

Because of their healing and protective properties, doctors recommend tart cherry juice for those suffering from arthritis, gout, and fibromyalgia. Studies show that arthritis patients who drink tart cherry juice regularly, experience less pain.  They also have less swelling and recover a significant amount of function in their joints.

Arthritis medications can cause liver and kidney damage, whereas tart cherry juice naturally treats arthritis symptoms without harmful side affects. Tart cherry juice also reduces gout attacks by almost 50 percent.  This is without the risk of vomiting, difficulty breathing, or rashes associated with gout medications.

Weight Control

Doctors also recommend that you drink tart cherry juice everyday if you’re overweight or obese. Fat cells cause low level inflammation in overweight people. This can lead to chronic diseases if left unchecked, like heart disease.  Fortunately, tart cherry juice’s anti-inflammatory properties counteract this low level inflammation and protects you from heart disease. Tart cherries’ healthy molecules also protect you from heart attacks and strokes.  Also, lowering your cholesterol and blood fat levels by approximately 17 percent.

Trade your toxic soda for a daily glass of sweet tart cherry juice and ease your arthritic pain and swelling while also protecting your heart.

Tart Cherries Soothe Your Acne, Psoriasis, and Allergies

If you’re allergic to pollen, dust, or the seasons’ beautiful blossoming flowers, you might experience coughing and a stuffy nose. This is your body overreacting to these allergens and attacking them on sight. These battles leave the affected areas inflamed. This is why you get puffy rashes on your skin when you touch something you’re allergic to. If you breathe in these allergens (e.g. pollen and dust), the battles happen in your airways and they too swell up, making it harder to breathe.

Here’s where tart cherry juice comes to the rescue! Michigan State University states that tart cherries’ anti-inflammatory properties help clear your skin.  It reduces swelling and redness of allergy rashes, acne, and psoriasis. If you have asthma or inhale allergens, they also help you breathe easier by relaxing and soothing your inflamed airways.

Drink a glass of tart cherry juice before work or school for easy breathing and clearer skin.

Tart Cherries Can Help Protect You From Cancer and Make You Live Longer

Chronic inflammation puts you at risk for cancer. Chronic diseases accompanied by inflammation, like arthritis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), are shown to increase the risk for developing cancer by over 30 percent.  In fact, according to WebMD, chronic arthritis increases the risk for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma by 50 percent!

Tart cherries can reduce your risk for cancer by decreasing your inflammation. Also, research shows that chemicals in tart cherries turn on genes that kill tumors. That means they also fight tumors head-on!

Tart cherries are so powerful that their cumulative protective properties have been found to lessen your chances of dying young by 65 percent!

Tart Cherries Protect Your Mind and Nerves and Help You Sleep Better

Peripheral neuropathy is more common in people older than 50. It’s caused by damage to the nerves, causing weakness or numbness in the hands, feet, and other extremities. Research shows that tart cherries help prevent peripheral neuropathy by strengthening your nerves’ defenses and protecting their DNA from degrading.

Tart Cherries For Good Night Sleep

Tart cherries also help you get a good night’s sleep. They’re rich in melatonin, your brain’s natural sleep hormone. They’re also rich in tryptophan, the famous chemical in turkey that makes you doze off after eating Thanksgiving dinner. Louisiana State University found that participants who drank two glasses of tart cherry juice everyday slept 84 minutes longer each night.

If you don’t want to drink tart cherry juice for you body or heart, drink it for your mind! A glass of this sweet, cool juice every night protects your nerves and brain while lulling you to sleep.

Tart Cherries Are Overall Nutritious!

Tart cherries are rich in vitamins and minerals. According to Shape magazine, one cup of tart cherries gives you 25 percent of your daily vitamin C and two grams of dietary fiber, which helps you lose weight.  They also give you 40 percent of your daily vitamin A, which keeps your eyes healthy and your skin beautiful.

Having a glass of this sweet red juice helps you lose weight and gets you your vitamins A and C.

There’s a Catch: You Can’t Buy Tart Cherries in Stores!

Produce are shipped from farms across the continent (or even other countries) to groceries and take up to ten days or longer to get on shelves. Tart cherries are very delicate and go bad in just three days. Supermarkets don’t usually sell them because they’ll spoil before they get the chance to put them out!

Don’t worry, yourgrocery store might still sells tart cherry juice. If you want the fresh fruit you can buy them at farmers’ markets or pick them straight from the tree at orchards. Eating tart cherries gives you more dietary fiber.  This is better for your digestive health and helps you lose weight more, than drinking the filtered juice. The juice and the fruit share all of the other powerful healing and protective benefits though!

Head to the store and buy this miracle drink today. But, if you want all the weight loss help you can get, visit your farmers’ market and pick up the fresh fruit.