The Potential Behind Co-Working Space for Women

Co-Working Space

In the past few years, we have seen a wave of movements founded by women to support women including co-working spaces . The Womens March and #MeToo were the protagonists of a controversial 2017. Since then, there has been several cases of persistent gender bias in the workplace. Also, terrifying abuse of power from men in all industries, including Hollywood.

Women are starting to realize that the only way to make a change is to be united. Unfortunately, this doesnt always happen, especially in the workplace where women often compete with each-other. You hear cases of backstabbing other female co-workers to get noticed or advance. The idea that many women experience sexism, so they should support one another, is a great starting point. This creates a unifying factor, but its not enough to guarantee collaboration and support. It’s time to make a change and that’s where co-working space wants to help.

What Is Co-Working Space?

The combination between the culture of co-working spaces and womens talent holds the key to creating a lasting change in the workplace. Co-working spaces for women create:

  • An environment where women can thrive without gender bias
  • Build trust with one another in an innovative space
  • Find opportunities for collaborations, networking and reciprocal appreciation
  • Get inspired

Who Founded Co-Working Space

Grace Kraaijvanger founded ?The Hivery because she felt isolated working from home and dreamed about a place where women could collaborate, attend events and workshops. The Hivery is a collaborative and creative co-working space where women can pursue their work, ideas and determine what’s next. Could the flexibility and mobility offered by this kind of workspace be considered one of the benefits of a modern workplace in years to come? Only time will tell.

Its been a slow burn for me to realize I needed to invest in myself. I wanted take myself more seriously so that my clients would do the same, said ?Mary Michael Pringle?, a Hivery member”.

The Wing

Initially, Audrey Gelman wanted to create a convenient and refreshing space for busy women to take a break (change clothes before an event or charge their phones). Then, the idea evolved into ?The Wing?, ?a co-working space for women to connect and create together.

Gwynn became a member of The Wing after feeling dismayed at how often men chose to make deals over beer pong. I dont work like that.

Opportunity of Co-Working Space

co-working space


Comments from these founders show that these ?co-working spaces tapped into key needs of a professional woman. The female vibe women can find in these spaces allows them to thrive and feel empowered. This is without wasting their time trying to fit in an office culture that doesnt belong to them or feeling lonely and sloppy working from home. As you enter The Wing, for example, you can already feel a positive female energy. The space is well organized, full of light, with pastel-tinted rooms, pink chairs, and wallpapers with images of women. This environment is inspiring and welcomingit makes women feel creative and open to sharing ideas and thoughts with the community.

Although, the phenomenon was local when it all started, The Hivery is in California, and The Wing is New Yorkit’s quickly expanding all over the world. As women understand their potential together, they have the power to change the culture in the workplace and gain strength when they have to work and compete with men.

In Summary

These co-working spaces represent an opportunity for women to unleash their creativity without fear of being judged. They also won’t feel backed to a corner because their ideas are not taken into consideration. If women come together, they can be an unstoppable force and create thriving businesses and a better world.

When ALL women are ready to speak up and support one another, men will have to listen. Cheers to women empowerment and supporting each other’s growth and success.