When we get involved in a relationship we become heavily invested in the idea of “us” and “we” on a daily basis. We want to connect, interact, and dissect parts of us individually to match that of our fellow partner. Somewhere along the process of joining life paths, we may end up losing our individual sense of self through feelings of limited freedom and happiness.  This is all in an effort to sacrifice our unique authenticity for the betterment of success of the overall couple. Therefore, it is best to begin to understand how to be happy when you are alone than to overwhelm your relationship later down the road. Through learning how to be happy alone first with self-love, you will be able to attain and maintain fulfillment within you alone, thus strengthening your individual and partner relationship at the end of the day. Follow below to learn more:

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Find your passion

Spend quality time doing what you love. When we enter a bond in a deep meaningful relationship, don’t lose that passion. Learn, grow, and enjoy things on your own time. Perhaps you want to take a class to better your sense of intelligence. Create a positive habit: fitness, music, dance, etc. Learn to have fun without relying on a partner. Gather new friends and join in on groups that inspire you: go hiking, work out at the gym, and consider pottery class. Do you want to try movement? Go to a ballroom class. This way you will keep growing on your own, feeling comfortable in your own skin. Be open to new experiences and possibilities, as that passion will make you appreciate yourself more and be grateful on a daily basis.

Remember nobody completes you

That old saying that you are unfulfilled until someone comes and sets you free is a fictitious concept, additionally leaving you hopeless and helpless until that one person supposedly arrives changes it. Yes, people can greatly enhance us in many ways through deep connection, but think of a relationship as the cherry on top to an already pretty complete you. Then you take yourself out of the victim phase and place yourself at the top of the pedestal. Don’t look for people that complete you. Look for people that enhance you as an overall person, make you a better example of yourself, and motivate you to do things that you enjoy doing.

Uncover the self-love in you

Self-love is something we give ourselves. It is a dose of self-respect combined with a dash of loyalty to our own unique morals mixed in to create a bountiful foundation of our genuine character. Essentially, self-love is the basis for any kind of happiness we seek out to find. When we enter a relationship, we can strengthen our sense of self-love through knowing who we are. When we are single, we must discover it to learn more about our true selves. Learn to be in the moment, with a full heart and sense of gratitude. The more you begin to appreciate yourself, your journey, and your daily habits, the more you will learn about yourself, thus loving yourself the best you can; therefore, this additionally sets the stage for when you enter a serious relationship, and places you in a confidently grounded category where your joined relationship gets strengthened that much faster since you have a solid understanding of yourself first.


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