Mindfulness Podcasts are in! Their purpose is simple. They help to reduce anxiety and enhance your inner peace of mind through living mindfully and in the present moment. Also, mindfulness podcasts encourage authentic self-awareness for better healing. So, are you looking to improve your relationship with yourself or your partner? Or, are you looking to improve your overall lifestyle habits?

We are entering a new time where listening to people and podcasts are overriding reading a book. Nowadays, many of us simply do not have the time to sit down and focus on reading a book. So, the convenience aspect of listening to a podcast on iTunes greatly provides you with that multitasking opportunity. You can make food, clean your home, or do laundry while listening to your favorite weekly podcast. This also helps you absorb the information through the brain to give you that meditative feel. As podcasts are becoming so popular, it comes as no surprise to find that so many people are choosing to start their own. Whether they know exactly what direction they want to go in or require the assistance of a podcast production service to help create a valuable podcast, there are so many categories of shows to listen to, so you never run out! Below are our top 7 picks for mindfulness podcasts you should listen to now.

Melissa Ambrosini

mindfulness podcasts podcast melissa ambrosini meditationMelissa is a self-love queen with her self-care books and motivational mindset. She inspires people to live a heart-centered life and she encourages the idea of space to elevate peoples spiritual journey. Her latest podcast was with Relationship goals with Mark Groves and Kylie McBeath.” It covered the topic of conscious coupling and how this concept is a new relationship paradigm that assists our own personal and spiritual growth. Some of her other recent podcasts include Quit Multitasking,” Rebirth Yourself with Doula Angela Gallo,” and The Power of a Plant-Based Ketogenic Lifestyle with Dr. Will Cole. Check out all her podcasts for an overall mindful experience.

The Ikonns by Alex & Mimi Ikonn

As a married couple, Mimi and Alex just started their new venture together by podcasting. They cover topics on perfectionism, overcoming self-doubt, rising to CEO positions, and more! Their personal lives are integrated in their discussions so they appear relatable to people who desire to gain awareness of the self and improving self-confidence as well. Their mindfulness tips help generate positivity and love.

Quirks & Quarks

Another great mindfulness podcast is Bob McDonalds Quirks & Quarks program. McDonald discusses topics including hacking photosynthesis, altering DNA through stressors, and breast milk pumping, to name a few. Bob is the host of CBCs radio science program, where he focuses on the importance of daydreaming. Based on neuroscience, it connects you back to the source of creativity. By daydreaming, your brain is becoming better zoned for problem-solving and creativity.

Neuroscience professor emeritus Dr. Daniel Levitin had Sting compose music inside a brain scanner, and Stings brain activity shifted into ‘daydreaming mode,’ the default mode network. This area of the brain, describes psychology professor Dr. Kalina Kristoff, shows ‘the sweet spot between order and chaos.’ She says the ability to flexibly switch between a daydreaming mental mode and more constrained and analytical modes of thought can indicate a highly creative mind. Mindful Magazine

Meditation Oasis by Mary and Richard Maddux

This wonderful mindfulness podcast, hosted by a meditation power couple, will essentially provide that authentic guidance to find your true self. Through meditations, you will become relaxed. And, through that relaxed state, you can find your balanced self. You will learn how to meditate on your own, whether you want to invest ten minutes or one hour to the meditation practices. Find the right one for you and start the journey to a mindful self!

10% Happier With Dan Harris

10% Happier (Amazon: $12.79)

Dan Harris hosts a podcast that will make you happy and inspired. His intention is to invite intelligent people (meditation pioneers, neuroscientists, psychologists, mental health experts) and interview them based on their own ideals for finding that sense of enlightenment within themselves. This is a mindfulness podcast, for sure. Listen to these podcast episodes if you are looking to blend mindfulness and meditation into one.

Ram Dass

Ram Dass is a popular American spiritual leader and teacher who is also an author and the host of a mindfulness podcast. Through his travel excursions to India he has expanded his consciousness by connecting to Neem Karoli Baba, a Hindu guru. Ram Dass has also founded several charitable organizations. In his podcast, he discusses mindfulness in the form of spirituality. He really makes you think about the self through religion, history, Hinduism. With monthly uploads, Ram Dass gives his listeners the opportunity to hear experts speak about the aforementioned topics over the past 40 years. There are episodes related to creativity and spirituality as well, and how creativity is the force of life through the heart space. Here is a mindfulness podcast that will have you thinking for sure!

Mark Groves Podcast

Mark Groves is a Human Connection Specialist, and in his podcasts he explores relationships on a deeply healing level. This is the perfect podcast to listen to if you need relationship assistance, almost like a personal virtual relationship coach. In his podcast episodes he goes deep with his guests, discussing manifestation and love. The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives. Here is where he also gives ample information about the evolution of men. For a long time men were considered to be separated from the topics of self-love, intuition, and expression. We are now starting to appreciate the apparent paradigm shift with women and men alike. We are looking at mindfulness from a whole different perspective. To be mindful is to be leveling up in your relationships, both with your partner, friends, and especially yourself.

Mindfulness podcasts are totally worth looking into in order to get daily inspiration and motivation. Listen at your own pace, choose the one that speaks to your soul, and find your own sense of self through the podcasts. Happy Podcasting!

Feature photo: Alice Moore / Unsplash