I did the unthinkable, I recently went a whole week without social media. I know, I’m so brave. We live in a day and age where opening your Facebook page is as mindless as opening the refrigerator. We are consistently glued to our phones, distracting ourselves from a whole world out there. And if you’re anything like me, you let likes determine your worth, but at the same time, you love that feeling when you see that “x” amount of people have liked your post. And you love it even more when your follower base sees a significant increase, from services like those at instazood or naturally. But the problem is is that I spend all of my time on social media longing for these things to happen, and it’s not healthy. I decided I needed a social media detox. Mainly because I was stalking my crush too much and needed to get my psycho in check. So, this is what happened when I turned my back social media for one week:

Days One and Two

I woke up in the morning and the first thing I did was reach for my phone. I just stared at it, not knowing what to do, realizing that this is the first thing I do every morning. It took a few days to adjust. The first two days I kept looking at my phone hoping that something was there. I replaced Facebook with my Citi Bank mobile app, so that every time I clicked on it, I could still see everyone doing better than me.

Ever hear of social media happiness? You see your friends who have been dating for years who suddenly break up. But they looked so happy. Dont let all those cute mountain photos fool you. People only post the version of themselves they want you to see. So, of course, youre going to think they’re killing it.

Day Three

It felt great not knowing what anyone was doing. The only life I was worried about was my own. I had adjusted to my new way of living. It felt like a life vacation. I was happy and living in the present. Why wasn’t everyone else doing this? I was feeling so Zen, I may never need a Xanax ever again.

Day Five

Veno has become my new source of stalking people. Did anyone even notice that I was gone? I found that the only app that I actually missed was Instagram. In this time I got really into DIY projects. I made my own organic chap stick, organic sunscreen, and armpit detox. I became that girl, and I loved it. No longer was I wasting time on the internet.

Day Seven

I felt great. The only down fall was I wanted to know what was happening with everyone. I was experiencing some serious FOMO (fear of missing out). I couldnt wait for the day to be over to catch up on all my notifications.

In my week without social media, I noticed I was happier, overall. Waking up in a good mood, it set the tone for the rest of my day. I wasnt worried about anyone else but myself. And, I was living in the moment. Not stuck on my phone. However, it did feel great to get back on social media after a week. I actually felt like I had stuff to catch up on, and wasnt just mindlessly scrolling. I highly recommend if youre feeling anxious, or want to be more present, then go ahead and delete those apps. Give it a shot and free yourself!

Feature photo: SHTTEFAN / Unsplash


  1. The only time I have gone without social media was when I was in basic training for 2 months. Boy was it over whelming when I got back on! It is so hard to permantely stay off of it. Good job for doing it willingly.

  2. @Crystal We agree, it is difficult to stay away permanently. However, a detox every now and then is good for us all. It allows us to be much more present!

  3. Interesting experience! Maybe I should try this out in the future. Sometimes it feels like my head is going to explode. I think quitting social media gives me some extra space to relax.

  4. @Iris It’s definitely worth a try. Especially if most of the time you are mindlessly scrolling through your feed. Let us know your experience afterwards.

  5. @Monique It is exhausting! Maybe take a baby break for 2-3 days (or a weekend) and see how it goes.

  6. I was off social media for about 4 months. Wasn’t really willingly decided…. kinda forced… but when I got back on social media and started seeing everyone’s post kind of made me realize of all the drama that goes on. I don’t see how so many people can put so much of their life out there for the world to see just to get attention or how they make their life look one way and it’s actually the opposite. I get on every now and then just to check on some family but other than that it doesn’t bother me to stay off of social media at all! I enjoy my life without it!

  7. @Amy Kudos to you! It’s a rabbit hole that everyone falls into, but when you step away from it, you’ll find you are just fine staying above ground and out of that social media hole. Enjoy “real life”!!! Good for you! [applause, applause, applause]

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