When you are looking for a quick and specific core targeting type of exercise, consider Pilates.  Core pilates is an exercise regimen that supports many areas of the body.  This is why, it has gained popularity in the past several years. According to the Mayo Clinic, pilates will strengthen your core muscles, and helps with balance and flexibility.  Additionally, it has the potential to naturally sculpt the body, and challenges the mind-body interaction all in one.

Core Pilates can fundamentally enhance your lifestyle quality by contributing several unique benefits:

Get a tight core

Pilates is known to target the core. Many athletes, ballet dancers, and ice-skaters utilize and incorporate pilates as a part of their training regimen. It keeps them on top of their game (or on their toes). This is because when you practice core pilates, you are strengthening the center of your body. The center is composed of deep abdominal muscles as well as other muscles right near the spine area.  This is where every muscle group is activated to perform at its best. This way you can consider pilates to be a full body workout.

Challenge your body

Pilates gives you the option to adjust and modify body movements and poses based on your fitness level.  In other words, you have full control over your exercise and can make this as challenging or as easy as you would like.  If you’re just starting out or new to pilates, start slow, focus and be forgiving.  As your body condition improves, you can adjust it to be more challenging.

Core Pilates strengthens your mind-body connection

Many workouts are usually high intensity and do not necessarily encourage a calm mind-body interaction. Pilates, however, has a gentle component in addition to the challenging aspects.

  • Every movement with pilates, emphasizes a sense of slow breathing, in connection with a correct spinal and pelvic alignment.
  • Through each flowing movement, you are able to concentrate and become more in tune with your body.
  • Through each controlled movement, you can enhance the quality with proper breathing.   This is also a great way to reduce your stress levels.
  • By calming your body while strengthening it simultaneously, you can execute the targeted movements with maximum effectiveness.

Improve flexibility and gain lean muscles

Pilates is an elongation type of workout. It improves muscle elasticity as well as joint mobility. Therefore, unlike most conventional workout regimens that just target the same muscles over and over again (which ultimately creates a bulk-like appearance in the long run), Pilates is able to create more of a muscular balance, limiting the possibility or chronic back pain or injury.

In Summary:

Core pilates and practicing regularly can help you achieve a number of body and mind benefits.  It will help improve your core strength, poster & balance, flexibility and building muscle.  Keep in mind that pilates might not supplement a cardio workout so be sure to incorporate other exercises into your workout routine for best results.