Wayne Dyer was a world-renowned self-development author. Out of the 40 books he wrote, an astonishing 21 became New York Times bestsellers. Lovingly referred to as The Father of Motivation, Dyer believed every person possesses the potential to live an extraordinary life. One of his books, Being in Balance, was lent to me by a former co-worker. I’d like to pay her generosity forward and encourage you to develop these three habits that will help you change your thoughts and, ultimately, your life.

1. Think It and You Will Succeed

What are some of the most stressful times in life? Those times when we don’t know what’s coming next. Those times when we can’t control the outcome or other people’s decisions. Throughout these rocky times, what if we choose thoughts of success? What if we target the stress with medication (Click here for examples) or retrained our brains to think on other matters? What if we daydream about how it’ll look once our unceasing efforts paid off and pushed aside any thoughts of failure?

As we choose to fill our minds with visions of hard work snowballing into success, I’d like to introduce one more friend into the mix, Max Lucado. He’s also an inspirational writer, with a Christian bent. No matter your beliefs, Lucado is a warrior against fear. In his book, Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear, Lucado writes, “Fear never wrote a symphony or poem… Fear never pulled a family out of poverty… Fear never saved a marriage or a business. Courage did that… People who refused to cower to their timidities did that.”

If we get stuck in “I can’t” territory, we don’t stand a chance. Instead, start with a “what if” and progress to an “I can.” That’s something we can control – our thoughts.

2. Remind Yourself Who You are

Wayne Dyer was frequently told he didn’t possess the ability to become a writer. Still, something kept growing inside of him. The more he felt compelled to pursue what felt right, the more he noticed opportunities and scooped them up. He knew who he was. Twenty-one New York Times bestsellers later…

Would you agree Tom Cruise is a pretty successful actor? A couple hundred million in the bank seems to indicate he’s doing something right. Can you believe he’s quoted as saying, “Every single time I start to do a picture, without fail, I feel as if I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Surely, that’s got to be a passing feeling that he consciously pushes aside as he reminds himself this has been his lifelong dream. Tremendous strength can come from a simple declaration. Know who you are. What d’ya say you and I start some strength training for our thoughts?

3. Think Positive Thoughts EVERY SINGLE DAY

The CFIDS & Fibromyalgia Self-Help Program published a book which asserts, “Changing our inner dialogue is one way to reduce pain because dwelling on negative thoughts increases the experience of pain.” As we seek out little ways to live in an overall state of contentment, amidst what we might call “every day” failures and rejections, folks out there faced with chronic pain are using similar tactics to handle very difficult diseases. Chronic pain can be a life-altering condition that undoubtedly creates negative thoughts, but with treatment options like meditation, CBD (which is a known pain reliever – you can find the Best CBD Capsules here), and ultimately, positive thinking, this can become manageable. How inspirational for each of us as we work to develop the habit of redirecting negative thoughts into hope-filled and positive ones. Not only can positivity help situations like this but using natural herbal medicines/remedies can be advantageous too. Some will use thc e juice from the marijuana plant to help them deal with chronic pain and other issues that relate to it. Read up on as many alternative procedures that you can, it will be very valuable for your knowledge.

Let’s make a fresh start and integrate these habits today. Granted, habits develop over time – the good ones and the bad ones. So, changing our thoughts is not like changing a tire. No pit crew can send us on our way in Nascar-record timing. Making it a habit to change our thoughts is, however, a vow to be good to yourself. It’s a vow to choose yourself. On any given day, if we aim our minds in the direction of success and positivity, then a new habit will form. Relish and focus on the talents we’ve been given, instead of the failures we perceive. The gas tank will start to fill up with healthy, loving habits. In due time, we’ll have deflated all four of our “I can’t” tires. Remember, if you need some help with thinking positive or dealing with pain, there are lots of natural remedies you can try. Click here to learn more about one of those. But, ultimately, give yourself time and these habits will become second nature.

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  1. Your state of mind affects so much – and we have the ability to gently guide it towards positive thoughts. Such an important thing to remember ?. Thanks for sharing! These three things are SO important!

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