Don’t Just Celebrate Women’s History Month, Become a Part of it. 

women's history monthMarch is Women’s History Month and there is plenty of celebration to be had! But is it enough to acknowledge women’s history for 31 days and then move on? This year, instead of just reading about women and honoring those who have gone before, why not find ways you can get involved and become a part of that history. So, to help you out, here are 5 ways you can jump in! Go ahead and make a difference in your community, in your workplace, and in your life.

Make a Donation

Time to put your money where your mouth is. There are tons of organizations all across the country and the entire world whose purpose is to support and build women up. It’s time to support and build up those organizations. Bustle has put together a great list of organizations you can support: “These organizations have one mission: To help women. To make sure that women have a voice, and have the proper resources to take care of themselves and help other women.” You can find Bustle’s full list of organizations here.

Celebrate Women in Your Workplace

Raising awareness of women’s rights and equality is important. It’s also important to highlight how influential women in our workplaces truly are. Take some time to reach out to the women in your office or company. Organize a lunch, meeting, or newsletter in which you can showcase the women you work with. Also, reach out to your local newspaper to see if they’d be interested in covering it as well.

Volunteer in Your Community

women's history monthGetting involved on a local level is a great way to support smaller, more grassroots movements that can make a difference in your own backyard. Reach out to your community leaders. See what their plans are to celebrate Women’s History Month and how you can volunteer. If they don’t have anything planned, suggest an idea and offer to head up a team to make it happen. And, recruit friends and family to help!

Support Local Female Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

According to Bond Street Marketplace, “Women business owners are doing so well that the U.S. was named the top country for female entrepreneurs by the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute and Dell’s Women Entrepreneur Index. Unfortunately, there’s another side to the story. While women own 38% of all businesses in the country, they receive 16% of business loans—and only 4.4% of the total dollar value of all loans.” So, get out there and support your local Women in Business. Shop in their stores, volunteer in their organizations, and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Make a commitment to be a support and resource for them throughout the year.

Educate Yourself and Others

In order to affect real change, you need to know what it is your changing and why. Educating yourself on women’s history is a huge step in the right direction. Then, you can begin to share this information with those around you. Share with people at home, work, and other groups in your community. Awareness and education are powerful tools. A great place to start is this Time’s article, 50 Women Who Made American Political History.

Celebrating Women’s History Month is a powerful way to support, encourage, and elevate the women in your life, local community, and society at large. Getting off the computer and getting involved can make a huge difference. Take some time to consider something your passionate about and begin to look for ways to volunteer or support the cause. Each one of us has the ability to make a difference, no matter how big or small.

How are you getting involved during this year’s Women’s History Month? Share in the comments below and let’s help each other out with ideas and motivation to create change.