Have you tried yoga at work? You don’t have to lug your yoga mat to the office or remodel the break room into a yoga studio. These yoga poses can be done right at your desk! We all know the importance of staying active during the day and finding ways to avoid sitting for 8 hours straight. These mini-yoga breaks and poses can be done throughout the day. They will keep your body moving, flexible, and give you an extra boost of energy. So, go ahead and try these yoga poses at work today!

Neck and Shoulder Release

This Neck and Shoulder Release video from Yoga Journal will walk you through a quick stretch. The stretch will help to ease the tension that builds in your upper body when you sit in front of a computer all day. It will open the chest and counter that hunched over, concaved position you tend to take at your desk. Furthermore, it will get you on your feet and is a great pose to practice if you’re on a conference call or on the phone for a period of time. Now that is healthy multi-tasking and a great way to incorporate yoga at work.

Seated Crescent Moon Pose

yoga at workNow that you’ve opened up your chest and released tension from your neck and shoulders, take a seat and plant your feet. Sit up nice and tall. Take a deep breath in and stretch your arms up over your head, hands up high. Then, grab your left wrist with your right hand and tilt to your right. Come back to center and switch. Do this a couple times while breathing deep to open up the side body and lengthen through the spine.

Chair Pigeon Pose

Moving on to your lower body, Chair Pigeon Pose is a great way to open up the hips and relieve stress. Sit squarely in your seat and place your right ankle on your left knee. Next, rest your hands on your knees and with a straight spine, begin to gently lean forward. Don’t push too hard, just enough to feel the stretch in your hip. Release and switch sides. Always breathe deep as you move and stretch to get the ultimate effect.

6-Minute Yoga at Your Desk Video

Want to put it all together? Use this 6-Minute Yoga at Your Desk video from Yoga with Adriene. The video is silent and has sub-titles, so you can easily watch it at your desk without disturbing anyone around you. It’s a short series that will have you feeling good from head to toe. Try practicing this yoga at work flow once a day and see how different you feel. You’ll notice how much more energy you have. And, note the effect it has on your posture, too.

Still not convinced to do yoga at work?

yoga at work

Not only does yoga have a wealth of physical and mental benefits, but according to Business.Com, the practice can have an incredible effect on your productivity, too, and it’s beginning to catch on: “Many companies now recognize the value of yoga, and more and more are offering classes as part of their corporate wellness. These include the likes of pro sports teams, Forbes, GE, Apple, Google, GM, Chase Manhattan Bank, HBO, GM, Industrial Light & Magic and Nike.”

Business.Com contributor, Melissa Thompson, says that “encouraging employees to take just 10 minutes during the work day (perhaps during “dead time” that employees often waste) to practice some simple yoga stretches or breathing exercises at their desk, in a conference room or out in the fresh air and sunshine can help immensely.” Six of the ways it can help are:

  • Increased Energy / Reduces Fatigue
  • Alleviates Physical Ailments
  • Relieves Stress
  • Improves Concentration and Focus
  • Helps with Creativity
  • Increases Positivity / Morale

No matter what your reasons, practicing yoga at work can help improve your workday and overall health. The only way to know for sure is to try. So the next time you head into the office, be sure to take this information with you and use it throughout the day.

Do you practice yoga at work? Share your favorite stretch or yoga pose with us in the comments below!


  1. I agree that doing yoga whenever you get the chance is beneficial. Don’t be shy and do it at work- a great stress relief!

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